Addiction Counselling

Addiction doesn’t only affect your life but everyone else in it as well. Choose freedom and let us support you in the battle against addiction.

People assume addiction translates as weakness and meets a common stereotype, this is not always the case. While substance addiction is very real there are also different forms of addiction that aren’t so obvious. Addiction can also be experienced in sex, power, intelligence, money, shopping, achievements and success.

New psychological research is showing that the same behaviours and differences that make people successful are linked to making them more susceptible to addiction. Addiction is much more diverse than the common assumptions our society makes. Highly motivated people are more likely to feel jealous or competitive. When they don’t meet their expectations they can experience depression and self-medicate with substances or impulsive behaviours leading to more risks.

  • Do you find yourself obsessing over sex or pornography?
  • Do you like telling others what to do?
  • Do you always feel like you need to win?
  • Do you feel the need to impress other people?
  • Do you make impulsive decisions that have long-term effects?
  • Do you make decisions that negatively affect people you love?

Acknowledging that you have become controlled by your addiction is the first step in making progress. Our counsellors can help to support you in a discreet, non-judgemental and safe way. You do not need to live your life revolving around your addiction forever, set yourself free. You have the opportunity to live for yourself- make yourself, your loved ones and your happiness a priority today.

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