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Youth & Family

Families are dynamic. We know that individuals are add more people and without a doubt, we have an amazing group of people with diverse needs, opinions, personalities, and more. That said, I believe all families require a customized, integrated approach. As we get to know each other, I will watch for hierarchy, clear boundaries, interference among members – often referred to as triangulation when someone else jumps in, re-enacting, and other indicators that help us build a clear picture of what is going on. From there, we will collaborate to build a blueprint that aligns with your family and the needs of each individual member. The therapeutic process often includes role-playing, role reversal, art therapy, and individual genograms (in-depth coverage of each individuals background – biological, psychological, & social components).

6-Week Family Package: Unveil Yourself (materials included) 1 day a week (90 min sessions)

Confidence comes from within, yet oftentimes we hide behind an archetype or live in contempt through resentment which clouds our ability to love ourselves while embracing those closest to us. Personalities are complex, now commit them to a life long journey together as a family and there are going to being challenges. The 6-week family package offers an introductory night where each member gets equal air time to discuss their thoughts, feelings, or whatever is relevant to them. As an icebreaker, each member engages in a small artistic expression of drawing, painting, and decorating to allow yourself to be creative, connecting through an activity. We all express ourselves differently, having a platform for children and parents to evoke emotions in different ways gives me the opportunity to observe family dynamics to understand what’s going on for individual members and within your family as a whole.


Yes, all parents! Single, married, divorced, separated, blended families, same-sex couples, and more, this is for you. Facing challenges with your kids? Disagree on parenting approaches and discipline? Find yourself complaining about your children? Let me take a moment to say thank you for taking on the courageous role of parenting. Our youth are this world’s future. Maintaining your healthy mental wellbeing ensures the youth of today will have the opportunity to explore who they are as they navigate their inner compass and moral beliefs.

Please allow me to ask a tough question… Who is affected by your child’s behaviors or actions? Are you reacting or is your child reacting? Feel yourself moving from 0 to 180 on the anger scale? Take a moment and think about some of the past triggers that left you in a moment pure anguish, now tell me, did your reaction match the issue at hand? It’s alright, you are here and looking for a different way to cope and thrive as a person and a parent. From a mess on the counter, a day sleeping teen, a defiant child acting out in class, or the teenage daughter who challenges you to the core, what’s really going on, and is your child on par with their lifespan milestones?

As parents, you are awarded a 24/7 position to love, support, and embrace at least one other person in this world. What a tall order, especially in the times we live in where such emphasis and pressures are upon our upcoming generation to not only solve world problems but identify and label themselves from an early age. My goal is to help you embrace your role, decompress, and re-gain perspective while building new pathways to support your child’s journey while empowering you to accept your emotions and challenges as a parent.

Please reach out to book an appointment. If you are interested in group parenting sessions please contact me for details.

How Can I Help?

I am passionate about people, offering a safe and trusting space in the world for us to work together. In essence, I treat the mind + body + heart as a whole system, helping you discover subconscious blocks standing in your path. Essentially, we will look at all aspects of your life to gain an understanding of what is going on. Once we have a clear picture, you’ll gain the confidence to overcome these barriers and develop new strategies to gain positive momentum that fits your unique needs. Our collaborative approach makes the work we do together faster, more sustainable, and therefore providing the long-lasting outcomes you desire.

Why Me?​

Hands down, finding the right counsellor is instrumental to optimize your wellbeing. I urge you to check out my about page. I have a lot of qualifications, but most importantly, I genuinely want the best for my clients and show that by dedicating my life to help others. So if you are stuck and ready to break free from those current setbacks, I am here to support you on your journey.

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