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Welcome! Let’s get you feeling better. Emotional health & wellbeing is our platform to relationships, life’s challenges, and overall balance in life.

The relationship we have with ourselves is a pivotal factor and indicator of measuring our current moods and mindsets. If you’re not feeling good, whether you feel anxious, confused, overwhelmed, or perhaps just downright frustrated with where you’re at in life, reaching out to meet with a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor may offer you a clear path to navigate your pathway to a more complete, happier, and concise version of yourself.

How Can I Help?

I am passionate about people, offering a safe and trusting space in the world for us to work together. In essence, I treat the mind + body + heart as a whole system, helping you discover subconscious blocks standing in your path. Essentially, we will look at all aspects of your life to gain an understanding of what is going on. Once we have a clear picture, you’ll gain the confidence to overcome these barriers and develop new strategies to gain positive momentum that fits your unique needs. Our collaborative approach makes the work we do together faster, more sustainable, and therefore providing the long-lasting outcomes you desire.

My approach integrates collective therapeutic approaches, your situation may call for a short-term or long-term goal plan. When immediate action is necessary, it may be worth exploring solution-focused therapy, a therapeutic model that helps you recognize goals and match desired outcomes with actions. While this method often reveals gains, it is most beneficial to understand the importance of taking the time to work through longstanding issues or traumas.

I believe it’s important to include psychoeducation with therapy. There is still a stigma or stereotype surrounding “therapy” or “counselling”. Allow me to assure you that founding leaders and countless others benefit from a “healthy mind”. The increase in anxiety and PTSD in our current times has increased. I want to take a moment and address generalized anxiety. The future-oriented mood state driven from fear of unknowns or what if’s can wreak havoc or paralyze our ability to cope with life on a daily basis. If you are experiencing anxiety or overwhelmed with emotions that leave you confused and unable to make decisions or take the first step out the door, that’s alright. It’s important that you know that’s alright, I’m happy to offer online sessions where you are most comfortable.

Life: Balance & Moving Forward: Why is it so hard?

If I propose that you simply accept what’s going on in your life and move forward with new skills based on solid goals, you may very well move on to great success. One important factor remains, have you dealt with and accepted your current reality? Whether we choose to accept something or not is difficult. We may be cognitively aware that acceptance would help, but that doesn’t make it easier. From accepting ourselves to acknowledging external factors such as those we love with personality disorders, narcissism, borderline personality disorder, or addictions and more, it’s important to have options in life and be aware of what they are. Many of us benefit from initial solution focussed therapy and cognitive-behavioral approach to get us started on a positive psychological trajectory. But what about those nagging thoughts or reoccurring triggers and dreams? Part of accepting ourselves comes with giving up hope of something. Whether it is accepting the loss of a loved one, a relationship, a job change, or we’re dealing with a pandemic, accepting our situation helps us build new pathways to positive psychological results. To add further perspective, it may offer clarity to get real in our situations. But oftentimes our emotions are not in sync with our cognitive awareness. An example of this is seen through grief, accepting loss and learning how to move forward, or addictions, gaining the courage to accept we are powerless over something is no easy task, nevermind committing to change. Underlying fear unchanged often leads to anxiety, holding us back from moving into the acceptance phase. You choose your journey. My goal and intention as your therapist are to help you navigate your life as a confident individual.

Part of accepting ourselves comes with letting go of hope in regards to something. To add perspective, one may consider the loss of something such as a relationship, not getting their dream job, missing out on an opportunity, feeling like a failure for not completing tasks according to previous goals, or perhaps identifying with traits that are hard to admit, such as addiction. Accepting who we are and where we are at in life with our current situations is no easy task. Formulating a plan and committing to it is paramount. For us to commit to a plan, we need to get crystal clear on our goals, part of our collaborative, therapeutic approach will help you discover your core values, develop healthy boundaries, and realize your intentions. This therapeutic approach is referred to as ACT, acceptance, and commitment therapy. Through acceptance, commitment, goal setting to align with your core beliefs and values enables you to find deeper meaning. It’s my goal and intention as your therapist to empower your self-discovery and confidence through a collaborative, integrated approach that’s right for you.

Why Me?​

Hands down, finding the right counsellor is instrumental to optimize your wellbeing. I urge you to check out my about page. I have a lot of qualifications, but most importantly, I genuinely want the best for my clients and show that by dedicating my life to help others. So if you are stuck and ready to break free from those current setbacks, I am here to support you on your journey.


"I felt alone, depressed, misunderstood by everyone who loves me. I turned to alcohol, drugs, promiscuous encounters, and torturous eating behaviors to fill the emptiness. It wasn’t until Pamela offered me the support, and accountability, that I began to see a difference. I never felt judged, only encouraged."
- J in Pitt Meadows

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