Your significant other plays a huge variety of roles in your life as a teammate, friend, lover, co-parent and financial partner. Even the healthiest and longest of marriages require attention and go through obstacles that life throws at us. Happiness makes you live longer, research has proven that our emotional well-being is directly linked with our health. A healthy marriage can improve your mental, emotional and physical health.

As humans we are forever changing and growing, a healthy marriage will evolve with you.

As we grow together we face all sorts of new challenges, things like perimenopause, low libido, retirement, commitment, illness, children ageing and all of the inevitable life phases. This can all weigh on a couple and can strain the relationship, it is important to check in with our partners and ensure we are still prioritizing our relationship.

What are the benefits of going to therapy with your partner?

  • Lower relationship stress
  • Improved well-being
  • More relationship satisfaction
  • Stronger empathy for one another
  • Improved communication

Even the healthiest marriages can benefit from counselling. After years of being with someone things add up and if they go unaddressed it can be overwhelming or exhausting for one or both of the partners. Whether you are reflecting on the history together or planning your future. Addressing issues with a couples therapist head-on and having coping mechanisms for when problems do arise will help your relationship’s longevity and health.

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