Family, Parenting & Youth Counselling

We offer family counselling to blended families, adoptive families, and same-sex parents.


Families are a dynamic group of people with diverse needs, opinions and personalities. We believe all families require a customized and integrated approach. As we get to know each other, I will watch for hierarchy, clear boundaries and interference among members. From there, we will collaborate to build a blueprint that aligns with your family and the needs of each individual member. The therapeutic process often includes role-playing, role reversal, art therapy, and individual genograms.


We specialized in all kinds of parenting single, married, divorced, separated, blended families and same-sex couples. Is Family Counselling right for you?

  • Are you facing challenges with your kids?
  • Do you disagree on parenting approaches and discipline?
  • Do you find yourself complaining about your children?

We From a mess on are prepared to handle everything from a mess on the counter, a teenager sleeping in, a defiant child acting out in class, or the teenage daughter who challenges you to the core. What’s really going on, and is your child on par with their lifespan milestones?

Benefits of Overcoming

As parents, you are awarded a position to love, support, and embrace at least one other person in this world. What a tall order, especially in the times we live in where such emphasis and pressures are upon our upcoming generation to not only solve world problems but identify and label themselves from an early age. My goal is to help you embrace your role, decompress, and re-gain perspective while building new pathways to support your child’s journey. We want to empower you to accept your emotions and challenges as a parent.

Please reach out to book an appointment. If you are interested in group parenting sessions.

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