Trauma Counselling

Trauma can have deep impacts on our lives and development. Counselling can help you to begin the healing process.

Everyone sustains traumas over their lifetime. This can range anywhere from being bullied as a child in school to violent traumatic attacks. What some consider small traumas may accumulate over a lifetime, impacting one’s overall personality and healthy development. The big traumas and immediate life-altering events impact everyone differently. All forms of trauma are serious and can alter our personalities and coping mechanisms.

Some clients experience extreme rage or not understanding why they snap so easily. Further exploration with a trained counsellor can help you undercover what’s going on for you and why. Many of us forget over time the associations we have with things such as music, smells, voices, items of clothing, or any other distinctive triggers.

Why is it important to discuss little issues? The little issues compile over time. A larger implication from traumas can develop over time from external exposures such as violence, addiction, abuse, or other environmental factors. It can be difficult to live a healthy life if you have not been exposed to modelled healthy interactions. Trauma Counselling can help you discover a healthy way of living while developing the relationships you long for.

Our integrated therapeutic approach aims to help you face traumatic events without getting stuck:

  • Reduce or eliminate traumatic symptoms
  • Shift your focus from past to present
  • Rake back your power in all forms
  • Eliminate addictions resulting from traumatic events,
  • Incorporate new skills moving forward, and more

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