Pre-Marital Counselling

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and busy, don’t let it distract you from planning your marriage.

Planning a wedding is exciting, stressful and time-consuming. It can feel overwhelming at times with decisions ranging from colour schemes to wedding parties. What about post-wedding married life? Invest the time now to learn how to increase your love and passion while building a solid foundation.

Stressors and conflicts can creep up on any of us, including the strongest relationships. Over time, life offers a variety of changes and challenges. From losing loved ones, career changes, relocations, starting a family, in-laws, finances, trust, roles, and values. Having awareness of how each of you communicates, avoiding tough topics and emotions will help you to build successful long-term communication.

Topics addressed in Pre-Marital Counselling:

  • Communication
  • Beliefs and values
  • Finances
  • Marriage roles
  • Affection, intimacy and sex
  • Children and parenting
  • Family relationships
  • Decision making

Learning how to navigate life’s challenges can help you prepare and glide with ease into the many facets of your upcoming married life. If you have questions about future decisions, pre-marital counselling offers an excellent opportunity to discuss them while building understanding and compassion towards each other’s opinions. Whatever is going on for you in the relationship, we’ll discover how to address concerns effectively.

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