Anxiety presents itself in many ways & appears to be elevated with today’s uncertainties and fast-paced lifestyles. Internal & external pressures of dating, relationships, success, children & family are just some of the common stressors that tend to increase Anxiety these days.

Anxiety presents in a variety of ways. One facet of Anxiety is seen and experienced through overwhelming fears. As a future-oriented mood state, Anxiety disorders can wreak havoc in the present moment and affect all aspects of a person’s life, creating a debilitating fear, paralyzing one’s ability to enjoy life.

Do you find yourself in a state of worry, irritability, or having difficulties sleeping? Are there any triggers that stand out for you? Are you uncomfortable or stressed at the mere thought of social interactions? Perhaps you feel constantly judged by others, or fear embarrassment or humiliation? Do you feel your confidence at an all-time low? Anxiety is provoked through a number of scenarios, your experience is unique to you. While Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is often seen as a comorbid issue, accompanied by other mood disorders, it is common to see the symptoms of Anxiety at the forefront.

Acknowledging your anxiety is a huge first step to your success, but doing something about it is paramount to creating a life without Anxiety. Don’t let Anxiety run your life. You do not need to tackle these hurdles alone, as a team, we will together to explore ways for you to get in charge while acknowledging your fears on your path to living the life you choose

What I expect from you

Starting the journey of individual counselling with a therapist may provoke a multitude of feelings. I recognize that you’re experiencing challenges and in a tough place in life right now, and I’m grateful that you’re reaching out for help right now.

That said, I expect you to make a serious commitment from yourself in our work together. I expect you to dedicate yourself to be open to learning, growing, and yearning for feedback as it directly relates to your role in life. I expect you to lower your defenses and communicate when you feel defensive, and to commit to changing the behaviors and patterns that are hindering your growth. Meeting these conditions gives us an excellent chance that you’ll reach your goals and start living your life free from Anxiety.

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