Dating & Relationship Coaching & Counselling

Looking for the one? I often hear singles talk about how difficult it is to find a well-suited & desirable partner. The term dating has new implications these days, from online struggles to finding social atmospheres conducive to mingling. Singles tend to cringe at the mere word “dating”, why? Are you looking for a relationship, but find yourself attracting or being attracted to a certain type only to experience the same let downs and struggles?

Seeking a life long partner can offer challenges & frustrations. Clients often question if they will ever find someone, or if all the “good ones” are taken. Navigating the dating arena and relationships takes courage and self-awareness to understand yourself first, including your expectations, and how your past impacts your current situation. Chasing elusive dreams can help you develop ideas and goals, yet discovering your inner strengths and accepting who you are will help you connect with the right match.

We’ll explore what you’re looking for in a relationship, and what’s holding you back. Taking the time to investigate and tackle tough topics from your past and other relationships will help us discover what works and what hasn’t. Ensuring your confidence is at an all-time high is pivotal for you to take the necessary steps to discover who is out there, and who you meet along the way.

Learning to accept yourself and present yourself in an authentic manner increases your ability to maintain your identity while entering a partnership as a couple. Balancing autonomy with togetherness will serve both of you well, patience in the process helps keep anxiety and goals in check.

What I expect from you

I expect dedication with a serious commitment from you in our work together. I appreciate how hard it can be digging through past relationships, as well as your family dynamics, which can be emotionally challenging and at times, unsettling.

That said, I expect you to make a serious commitment from yourself in our work together. I expect you to dedicate yourself to be open to learning, growing, and yearning for feedback as it directly relates to your role in life. I expect you to lower your defenses and communicate when you feel defensive, and to commit to changing the behaviors and patterns that are hindering your growth. Meeting these conditions gives us an excellent chance that you’ll reach your goals and create a space for a new, happy, and healthy relationship.

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