Feeling Down?

Depression impacts millions of individuals and families in North America. If you’re feeling sad and pessimistic with low energy, feelings of worthlessness, and lacking the emotional pleasures from daily life, you may be experiencing a form of depression.

People experience depression differently. Some go through situational depression that coincides with other events, or from traumas, grief, and other life-altering events; while others have prolonged diagnosed depression and may need medications. Symptoms include but are not limited to changes in appetite, low self-worth & esteem, sleep disturbances, irritability, and more.

Left unaddressed, depression can leave you feeling stuck, isolated, and as though everything is happening to you, or perhaps that life is passing you by. Don’t let this last forever, reaching out can help.

Acknowledging something is off or that you’re depressed is a great first step, but now it’s time for us to take charge and do something about it. You don’t need to go through this alone. Depression can weigh heavily on a person, making it difficult to rise above it, especially without assistance from someone to lead you through the process of getting back on track, reclaiming your life, and rekindling value and joy in relationships, daily activities, work, family, and more.

What I expect from you

Starting the journey of individual counselling with a therapist may provoke a multitude of feelings. I recognize that you’re experiencing challenges and in a tough place in life right now, and I’m grateful that you’re reaching out for help right now.

That said, I expect you to make a serious commitment from yourself in our work together. I expect you to dedicate yourself to be open to learning, growing, and yearning for feedback as it directly relates to your role in life. I expect you to lower your defenses and communicate when you feel defensive, and to commit to changing the behaviors and patterns that are hindering your growth. Meeting these conditions gives us an excellent chance that you’ll reach your goals and start living your life free from Depression.

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